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WL is now a search engine just like yahoo,google,msn and others.We all gain income from advertisment.
As a WL affiliate it is our responsibility to make WL is a great search engine.The growth of WL will help members to gain more income each day through searches,clicks and refferals.

In this new affiliate program we will gain income though:

1) Searching using WL search engine.
-every search will give us $0.02cents

2) Clicking WL search advertisement
(adbanner,adbox,premium list and list)-refer advertiser account

3) Refferals income
a) Affiliate refferal = 10% income from your subaffiliate profit
b) Advertiser refferal = 10% income from your subadvertiser ad spend

4) WL adsence
- put WL adsence advertisment at your site and get profit        when your website visitor click WL adsense advertisment
Promote WL and get paid for FREE!

*Paid for search

*Paid for clicks

*10% subrefferal profit  bonus

*10% subadvertiser spending bonus


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